The Past

I’ve packed the past away,
Because I can no longer pretend to be tough and strong.

I’ve packed the past away,
Because I’ve found somewhere new within me,
Where I can process what happened.

I’ve found a place where I can breathe freely,
And listen carefully to my feelings.

A safe place where I can be sensitive and vulnerable,
A place where I can speak my mind without judgment,
Because I’m surrounded by the right people.


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  1. Sounds like a healthy, mature and prudent process at work with moving forward to me. Too many people stop listening to their feelings these days and wonder years later why they stopped. Good for you my friend.

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    1. I think we pass through phases where we refuse to listen to our feelings because we’re afraid of what we may lose.

      Last year so many wrong things were happening around me and I didn’t listen to my feelings but then someone broke it down for me about why it’s important to embrace them.

      This time I just watched cautiously how other people’s behavior made me feel. So that’s why my decision to stay away was firm. I know the memories will be a struggle sometimes but it’s for the best.

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      1. I agree we fear what we may lose, rather than fully understanding what we may gain by making changes.

        imo, our feelings (neg or pos) are a reaction to something outside of us, and I agree something we must pay close attention to but carefully examine them from a logical context and determine IF- we should in whole or part alter ourselves, our environment, or our those around us.

        It takes practice figuring out which is the right choice but over time I think we adapt well after understanding what is the healthier choices for our lives.

        Often our greatest pain seems to be connected to some of those we have the greatest connection to, via love.

        We all must decide for ourselves whether or not the trade off is worth it in the end.

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      2. I fully agree with this.. It’s all about healthier choices and taking a deep look at how other people’s actions affect us.

        If the trade-off is worth finding something better then let it be…

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