The Doll

She never ate or slept without her doll.
She even whispered to her every night as she fell asleep.

She cradled her gently,
Singing her a lullaby,
While promising she’d never leave her side.

That doll was her safety,
Her home and her happiness.

It gave her a friend when the world never understood her.
She’d whisper in her ears things she heard the grownups say,
Wishing one day she’d understand their world.

Days changed and the girl grew,
She slowly began to understand the grownup world.

The time came for the girl to spread her wings,
She packed her suitcase while the doll sat on an empty shelf,
All alone.

The girl took one last look at her bedroom,
To see if she had forgotten to pack anything.

She smiled when she spotted the doll,
Her old friend.
“Wish me luck!”The girl said.

The girl could’ve sworn she saw that doll wink,
Then she closed her bedroom,
Rolled her suitcase and left.

When she was a child her world revolved around her doll,
Then she grew up and left the doll to face the world.


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