Turning The Page.

When turning the page you can be leaving a lot of people in your past,But remember not to leave your hopes and dreams back there. Bring forward the love and lessons you’ve learnt from your past, Display them proudly knowing that wherever life may lead you,You can always bring them along with you. ©ZeinaA.G

Happy Friday-Quote

“If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that you should tell people how important they are to you. Not because they could leave at any moment, but because they’re here now, and it’s worth saying .” By Steve Maraboli.

My Dear Friends.

To my dear friends,Whether you’re near or far.You taught me the importance of patience and listening.You taught me that emotions are temporary, And even the negative ones can change over time. You showed up and never left at times when I felt lonely.You made me believe in giving people and situations second chances.You were my…

New Journey

Let’s go on a new journey together. Let’s build a new world through words. Let’s walk through new paths and discover the consequences of each character’s choices together.Let’s explore new emotions and discover human connections from different points of view.Let’s expose the hidden stories that can make a difference.Let’s share the stories which were built…

The Past Year

The past year has taught me  to stop overthinking. To just live what I’m going through fully and deeply.Even if the emotions that come with it are negative. The past year has taught me to feel everything from my heart. It has taught me that my emotions don’t define me. Fragility and weakness are temporary….

Believing In Your Dreams.

Working hard to achieve your goals can be hard and it takes a lot of dedication. So share them proudly. Don’t be ashamed to ask for guidance. Don’t be ashamed to fail and start over. Because sometimes believing in your dreams is the only thing that gets you through the day. ●ZeinaA.G

No Regrets

Her intentions were clear from the start,But some people interpreted them wrong,Twisted them to fit their narrative. With their absence,Worry and bitterness escaped her life. Her peace of mind returned stronger than ever,And her heart opened even more. She never even gave it a second thought,Because she was certain she had tried her best with…

It’s Time

Maybe now is the time to celebrate our vulnerabilities,Time to take a deep look inside and see what we can do to brighten each day. Maybe now is the time to forgive and leave the past behind us, Time to learn to get by with much less than we were used to. Maybe now is…

Beginner Photography Q&A

Hi Everyone,I’m starting something fun, “Beginner Photography Q&A” According to my experience, you don’t need a fancy camera to take nice pictures. I’ve taken the most beautiful portraits while using semi-professional cameras. Examples below: So if you have a small camera packed in a closet that you never felt motivated to use.Or you felt discouraged…

A Little Space.

When grief breaks your heart,Leave a little space for the ones who left us. When your days are gloomy,Leave a little space to search for the light in a new day. When people say the wrong things,Leave a little space for forgiveness. When all the doors have closed,Leave a little space for the unpredictable. When…