Never Stop Believing.

That tiny voice she thought was too squeaky.Some described it as intense,But it didn’t matter,Because it surpassed everyone’s expectations…Including hers. ©ZeinaA.G

Walking Alone.

I know it’s scary to walk alone,The world may seem darker when it gets lonely.But walking alone is better than walking with people who try to stab you with their words.Walking alone is better than being around people who disregard your dreams.So walk away with no regrets… ©ZeinaA.G

Wherever I go…

Wherever I go my soul keeps finding ways to stay grounded and connected to all the beauty around me. And no matter how far I stray my beating heart keeps pulling me back into writing. -ZeinaA.G

Walk Away.

How can I find myself if my emotions are too much for you and you’re talking to me just to be judgmental?How can I find myself if you’re in my life just waiting for me to fall?How can I find my self worth if you’re always putting me down?If my grieving heart is too much…


How many battles in life do you have to go through to win yourself back? ©ZeinaA.G


Staring into what she thought was nothing but a blue color and a strong light. She watched it slowly morph into different colors,Transforming everything into a stunning silhouette on its way down. ©ZeinaA.G

Throwback- Facebook Memory

This showed up in my facebook memories 3 years ago ♥ A day before my grandfather’s funeral. My earliest childhood memories revolved around sending salutations to you on a video tape all the way to Australia. You gave the best piggy back rides, the best supermarket cart rides. You hated when I glued to you…

One Breath At A Time.

She knew there would come a time in her life where she’d wonder if this storm will ever pass. So she set an intention to take it one step at a time and when her steps seemed too overwhelming she promised to take it one breath at a time. ZeinaA.G

Three Years in Heaven.

Some may think we said our goodbyes three years ago and that was it … But in my eyes the life we knew suddenly stopped. It wasn’t just one wave of change that hit us and that was it. It was more like several waves that erased all the traces of the life we’d been…


I see you drowning,But I can’t help until you reach out your arm,So I can pull you up. ©ZeinaA.G