When you love from all your heart,And genuinely care about the people around you,You risk your heart being broken. However, by using your heart,You gain new experiences,That set you on a path to seek change,And to fully heal from the hell you’ve been through. ©ZeinaA.G

Turning The Page.

When turning the page you can be leaving a lot of people in your past,But remember not to leave your hopes and dreams back there. Bring forward the love and lessons you’ve learnt from your past, Display them proudly knowing that wherever life may lead you,You can always bring them along with you. ©ZeinaA.G

Happy Friday-Quote

“If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that you should tell people how important they are to you. Not because they could leave at any moment, but because they’re here now, and it’s worth saying .” By Steve Maraboli.

The Room.

She kept everything tidy, And in chronological order. The windows and the walls were all tinted black, She liked the curtains tightly shut. In a place that was truly hers, She knew nobody else belonged there. It was like an un-accessible room, A grim place where nobody could enter. A place where the memories floated,…


“Through tsunamis, earthquakes or a broken spiritWhen you scream with no voice, you know I will hear itYou know I will come running when I feel the Earth moveThrough a flood, toil and blood, through the tides of terrorFeel my love, feel my love, let it breathe foreverYou know I will come running when I…

I Searched For You

I searched for you in total darkness but you were nowhere to be found. So I gave up and searched for you in other people…I still couldn’t find you. I searched for understanding and I couldn’t find it. I tried everything I could to search for a purpose. I tried everything in my power to…


There’s a little girl sulking in the corner wondering why everything is her fault. She’s sitting in the dark wondering why she keeps getting pressured into growing up so fast. She’s wondering about all the fairytales and the stories she’d been told whether they exist. She’s wondering why the world is on her shoulders. This…

Things that lurk beneath the surface.

I find it quite fascinating what hides between our words, our concerns…What lurks beneath the surface of that mask we wear everyday…Is it fear, kindness, hatred, a certain grudge, grief or despair? Are we just passing time trying not to miss the people who have left us? Are we all just trying to survive the…

Never Stop Believing.

That tiny voice she thought was too squeaky.Some described it as intense,But it didn’t matter,Because it surpassed everyone’s expectations…Including hers. ©ZeinaA.G