A Little Throwback

So this showed up in my facebook memories today. Last year like today I sent “I’m Still Here” to it’s first contest. As soon as I got the news that it lost, another contest opened with a theme “Things will never be the same” So grateful it made it to the top 11 there.🤞Tiny steps🙌

Photo Experiment.

Experimenting with new photography styles. Hope you like them😊

I Searched For You

I searched for you in total darkness but you were nowhere to be found. So I gave up and searched for you in other people…I still couldn’t find you. I searched for understanding and I couldn’t find it. I tried everything I could to search for a purpose. I tried everything in my power to…

Golden Heart.

I own a golden heart that does not beat, Inside is a picture that’s about to speak, It’s tiny, but shines like the sun so bright, Even through all the darkest nights. This heart is fractured in so many places, It affirms that the inside is what counts.You can find “I Will Always Love you”…

Through the Eyes of a Child.

Through the eyes of a child you’d notice a humongous world.A world that holds magic in every undiscovered corner.Everyday life would be a constant mystery that keeps surprisingly unfolding into different layers which leave you speechless.You’d run and chase magic until you’re out of breath without any plans of stopping.You’d jump fearlessly into deep waters…

Three Years of Writing.

I still can’t believe I reached a day where I could openly blog about this. Writing has opened so many new doors for me which I’m immensely grateful for. It has saved me from a lot of heartaches and made me truly understand what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes.In the past 3…


Fear: It froze her,Made her overthink,Turned her into a tight knot, But with just one deep breath,The knot began to untangle,And somehow she knew,She was few more deep breaths away from freedom. ©ZeinaA.G