Best Writing Tip: “Let it Flow.”

I recently submitted this essay to a writing contest and I wanted to share it with all of you. I’d like to thank Christina Welsh for her writing tip and the constant support. “Let it Flow.”For years, the idea of my writing being inspired by real life events always scared me. When I had just…

#2-Each Time

Each time I begged to have you back in my life,I felt like merely a shadow floating by,And I never understood why.So it’s my turn to walk away,To feel the shadow parts of me,Become whole and real again.©ZeinaA.G

Finding Peace

It may be a bumpy road,And it may feel lonely at times.But as long as you allow new things to come into your life,And as long as you keep some space in your life,For happiness and gratitude,I’m sure one day you’ll find love and peace. ©ZeinaA.G

Because Of You.

Because of you I know the importance of family,And sticking together during hardships. Because of you I know where my priorities stand,And how important it is to put close family first. Because of you I know the definition of strength,And how to stand right up after each fall. Because of you I know things are…

Photo of the Day

We’re back to lockdown in my town for a week. So you’ll be seeing a lot of photos on the blog. Hope you’re enjoying them. This was yesterday’s sunset.

Their Loss

She was too focused on the love she had lost,On the memories, energy, and days that she’ll never get back. Until one day she saw things from the opposite perspective,And realized they had lost more, They had lost someone in this world who wanted to protect them. They pushed away the one person who loved…