Paving A New Road.

It’s hard to keep paving a new road towards your dreams. You may make decisions you’re usually not comfortable with. You may have to battle your fears daily and take leaps of faith. You may have to use your, “20 seconds of absolute courage” more often and open up to people. It’s unknown terrain and…

She Tried

As the burden became heavier she tried to quit her passion . She tried to lay that pen down for good. She tried to throw her copybooks away and burn her papers. Maybe the disappointment would lessen if she vowed to stop writing.But even if she quit a strong voice from within her would demand…

If She Knew

If she knew the bitterness that hid beneath that friendly surface she would’ve said “Goodbye” a long time ago.©Zeina A.G

Just Go For It

For a long time her dreams lived in the dark,She was scared to shine a light on them,Then someone whispered, “Just go for it.”Since then she vowed to never let her dreams fade again. ©ZeinaA.G

I See You

There was a time in her life when she was lost,And terrified of the future. Then someone whispered, “I see you.”And that’s when she fearlessly found her way back. ©ZeinaA.G

About Friendship

Sometimes we shut the door on people who are trying their best to understand us. We lose them because we’re afraid to lose control. We’re afraid to break our own barriers and let them into the life we perfectly planned. We’re scared to admit that we lost control of who comes in through that door….

Forever Hope

She thought her heart was cracked beyond repair. It’s true that it would never be the same again, and that grieving the life she had will overshadow her sometimes. She’d never look back at a memory without crying a little. She’d never experience happiness, without worrying about things changing again. However, she never imagined the…

No Day But Today (Song)

Hi everyone,Hope you’re all having a peaceful lock down. I want to share this beautiful song with you. It’s very special to me, because it’s a reminder to stay in the present moment. I know it’s hard and our minds tend to dwell on a lot of negative scenarios. I know a lot of people…