The Vision

She had a vision in her mind that needed to come out. It was a combination of situations she’d been through. It was a combination of all the books and movie endings she wished were different. It was a combination of characters whom she thought needed a voice. A vision that showed the importance of…

Find Yourself

Her soul whispered, “Let go of whoever keeps breaking your heart.”“I’ll lose everything,” she replied, while tears streamed down her cheeks.“True…But I promise you’ll find yourself…And once you know your worth you’ll never look back.”  ©ZeinaA.G

World Building.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass. That world you’re building, does it tell stories of sadness and heartbreak?Does it tell a mystery story or science fiction?How many parts of yourself will you include in this world?How many moments from your life will you include? And from how many points of view?Will you tell stories that you’ve…

New Journey

Let’s go on a new journey together. Let’s build a new world through words. Let’s walk through new paths and discover the consequences of each character’s choices together.Let’s explore new emotions and discover human connections from different points of view.Let’s expose the hidden stories that can make a difference.Let’s share the stories which were built…

The Past Year

The past year has taught me  to stop overthinking. To just live what I’m going through fully and deeply.Even if the emotions that come with it are negative. The past year has taught me to feel everything from my heart. It has taught me that my emotions don’t define me. Fragility and weakness are temporary….

Believing In Your Dreams.

Working hard to achieve your goals can be hard and it takes a lot of dedication. So share them proudly. Don’t be ashamed to ask for guidance. Don’t be ashamed to fail and start over. Because sometimes believing in your dreams is the only thing that gets you through the day. ●ZeinaA.G

Paving A New Road.

It’s hard to keep paving a new road towards your dreams. You may make decisions you’re usually not comfortable with. You may have to battle your fears daily and take leaps of faith. You may have to use your, “20 seconds of absolute courage” more often and open up to people. It’s unknown terrain and…

She Tried

As the burden became heavier she tried to quit her passion . She tried to lay that pen down for good. She tried to throw her copybooks away and burn her papers. Maybe the disappointment would lessen if she vowed to stop writing.But even if she quit a strong voice from within her would demand…

If She Knew

If she knew the bitterness that hid beneath that friendly surface she would’ve said “Goodbye” a long time ago.©Zeina A.G