A Little Throwback

So this showed up in my facebook memories today. Last year like today I sent “I’m Still Here” to it’s first contest. As soon as I got the news that it lost, another contest opened with a theme “Things will never be the same” So grateful it made it to the top 11 there.­čĄ×Tiny steps­čÖî

Power Of Yoga.

This is where I turned to when my words had no power,And this is where my strength rose from. This is where I laid my problems to rest,And this is where solutions seemed to arise. This is where I must have lost my balance over a million times ,And I laughed it off.I wasn’t scared…

The Risk.

You’re risking yourself to be out there,Risking that part of your heart,Which you promised to protect.You’re risking the chance for the world to know you.Risking the chance of being seen struggling,And then failing.However, there is a possibility for the messages you believe in to spread,And for your experience to become lessons. Juggling between leaving everything…

Birthday in Heaven.

After all these years it’s still hard to write about this but I know my heart and soul is affected by this deep grief right around this time each year for a reason. It’s my late aunt’s birthday month, the first person who provided a safe place for me to dream big and my first…

Walking Alone.

I know it’s scary to walk alone,The world may seem darker when it gets lonely.But walking alone is better than walking with people who try to stab you with their words.Walking alone is better than being around people who disregard your dreams.So walk away with no regrets… ┬ęZeinaA.G

Wherever I go…

Wherever I go my soul keeps finding ways to stay grounded and connected to all the beauty around me. And no matter how far I stray my beating heart keeps pulling me back into writing. -ZeinaA.G

Photo #2

I love how the trees look connected.

Novel Synopsis.

Hi everyone,After struggling with my novel synopsis since November I finished the first draft. I printed it out today and split them into chapters. (I uploaded a video here so you could all see it. )It still needs editing but seeing it all come together after 3 years of hard work made me extremely emotional….

This is all Temporary.

Sometimes the people around you will mock you when you try to explain that someday everything you’re going through will fit perfectly into your life like a puzzle. You get ridiculed for having ambitions but don’t worry because deep down you know that this is all temporary. Deep down you know that you’re following your…

The Box

For once, she wished nobody would belittle her happiness. She wished her ambitions wouldn’t be defined by what others thought of them. So she gathered all these small magical moments and packed them away in a box.  Soon enough the boxes started to pile up and she learned how to use them.      …