Let Them In

There comes a time in your life when your mind’s on a mission to show you that nobody cares. A time when you’re too tired to explain yourself. There are people out there who’d love you during the moments you’re un-certain if you love yourself.There are people out there who’d dive into the deepest waters…


There’s always that one word,That one spark of madness,Which motivates you to keep going.©ZeinaA.G

Some People

Sometimes unexpectedly some people walk into your life and make you forget why you’ve built those protective walls around yourself. Such people are hard to find, but they exist. They help you heal from all the hurt you’ve gone through. They guide your steps even if you feel they’re tiny and insignificant.They also remind you…

Throwback ♥

I began writing this story in Sep. 2018. It was one of the toughest stories I’ve ever written because of the emotions. I thought of the ending before I wrote the whole story, it was so detailed in my mind that it scared me. I’m happy that I didn’t give up and deeply grateful for all…


Just like you couldn’t control when your sun went down,You’ll never be able to control when your path shines bright.Just like you can’t control the waves,You can always choose which ones to surf.You can’t control the words people say,But you’ll always be able to control how you search for peace and silence. You can’t control…


How many battles in life do you have to go through to win yourself back? ©ZeinaA.G


Maybe it’s time to embark on new adventures,And go our separate ways.Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about things I can never control. Time to see where these new adventures and unique roads would lead us… ©ZeinaA.G


Staring into what she thought was nothing but a blue color and a strong light. She watched it slowly morph into different colors,Transforming everything into a stunning silhouette on its way down. ©ZeinaA.G

Second Chances

I’ve forced myself to forget how many candles I’ve lit in your favor. Sometimes I wonder if all the prayers and wishes for your well being went to waste. Your struggles were so overwhelming that I wonder if I could pick all the broken pieces you left. Or even glue everything back together, but it’s…

They left

They left this world with their eyes closed,And opened them in a serene place. A place where they could watch us grow,And send us subtle signs when life becomes hard to bare. ©ZeinaA.G