A Huge Thank you.

2019 has been all about balance for me. Balancing the good and the bad. Facing emotions that terrified me. I owe a lot to this beautiful community and to everyone who has given me writing advice here. I owe a lot to the dreamers who never quit and made it to their destination before me….

Word Of The Year "2020"

My word for the year 2020 is:“COURAGE“Courage to pursue my dreams and passions.Courage to keep writing despite losing writing contests.Courage to stand up for myself and face my feelings.Courage to deal with grief again while keeping an open heart. What’s your word for the year 2020? Looking forward to know in the comment section.©ZeinaA.G

It’s Strange.

It’s a strange feeling when you’ve learned to walk alone most of the time. Also, just when you’ve finally accepted how things have turned out, you realize your instincts have been strong this entire time. It’s even stranger when you face your past and realize the life you once desperately craved isn’t the one you…

Something Real and Raw.

Loneliness is real and I’ve been struggling with it a lot in the past year. The sensation has increased in the past three months because all of a sudden a lot seemed to have changed. I don’t know if I’ll be able to explain it but I’ll try my best. It’s when life hits you…


When my heart is burdened with sorrow, it helps to think of life like the sea waves coming by. There are light ones that drift you off very gently and the high ones that drift you to each loss you’ve ever encountered. I learned that is the only way to heal. There was a time…