Sunset Photos

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day♥ Today wasn’t perfect but managed to escape to capture these photos.Please let me know which ones you liked in the comments below. So far I’m in love with #1.These photos were taken in my hometown Byblos.©ZeinaA.G Photo #1 Photo #2 Photo #3 Photo #4 Photo#5 Photo #6


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how open minded we are, or how happy and perfect our lives seem to be. There is so much we can never discuss. Especially, when there’s an emotion we can’t name, buried deeply inside of us. No matter how prepared we think we are for life, sometimes our souls get weary…

Photo Experiment.

Experimenting with new photography styles. Hope you like them😊

Inner Beauty in Children.

Inner beauty in children is so transparent. They see hope in the darkest places and their smiles never leave their faces. They say it as it is, their honest opinions can leave you speechless and laughing for days. As much as you try to hide it they sense your sadness and would do anything to…

Power Of Yoga.

This is where I turned to when my words had no power,And this is where my strength rose from. This is where I laid my problems to rest,And this is where solutions seemed to arise. This is where I must have lost my balance over a million times ,And I laughed it off.I wasn’t scared…

Wherever I go…

Wherever I go my soul keeps finding ways to stay grounded and connected to all the beauty around me. And no matter how far I stray my beating heart keeps pulling me back into writing. -ZeinaA.G

Photo #2

I love how the trees look connected.