Best Writing Tip: “Let it Flow.”

I recently submitted this essay to a writing contest and I wanted to share it with all of you. I’d like to thank Christina Welsh for her writing tip and the constant support. “Let it Flow.”For years, the idea of my writing being inspired by real life events always scared me. When I had just…


Just popping in to say “Hi”… The clouds were gorgeous.I took some incredible photos. I was finally able to find a way to show myself in the HDR photos 😁Hope you like the photo. -ZeinaA.G

Each Time.

Each time I pulled you back from walking away a little piece of me faded,And now it feels like I’ve totally disappeared. ©ZeinaA.G

Kindle-Short Story

Hi Everyone, My first published short story “Searching For A Sign” is now available on Kindle . Also available for free on Kindle unlimited. I hope you like the story. It’s around 12 pages. If things go well I may write and publish more stories.Thank you for all the support.Hope everyone’s doing well and…

When Grief Knocks On Your Door….

When grief knocks on your door several times….You learn to re-build a new life that will never be the same as the old one.You learn to grieve all the old times.You learn to get by the bad moments by connecting with others,And trying to support the people around you. You learn to let the difficult…

R.I.P Grandma💖

You’ve always been strong. I loved spending time with you and watching your face light up with pride during your grandkids’ school parties.I don’t know what else to say except that nothing will ever be the same again…Thank you teta for all the love and beautiful memories.💖 -Zeina A.G

The Vision

She had a vision in her mind that needed to come out. It was a combination of situations she’d been through. It was a combination of all the books and movie endings she wished were different. It was a combination of characters whom she thought needed a voice. A vision that showed the importance of…


For the longest time I thought I could fix whatever is broken. I couldn’t stand to see you shattered and for you to keep seeing the world as a dim place.I wanted to lessen your battles and to show you what pure love could accomplish. I was a child myself but I loved you with…

Find Yourself

Her soul whispered, “Let go of whoever keeps breaking your heart.”“I’ll lose everything,” she replied, while tears streamed down her cheeks.“True…But I promise you’ll find yourself…And once you know your worth you’ll never look back.”  ©ZeinaA.G

Fuel For This Journey

Belly laughs, a child’s smile, a loving gesture, reconnecting with an old friend, knowing your loved ones are safe, connecting with nature, the sky, the sea, the trees. Loving until your heart bursts, knowing nothing is permanent, loving unconditionally, hearing a story from a child’s perspective, writing from the heart.  Getting kisses from your pets,…