Photo of the Day

We’re back to lockdown in my town for a week. So you’ll be seeing a lot of photos on the blog. Hope you’re enjoying them. This was yesterday’s sunset.


Just popping in to say “Hi”… The clouds were gorgeous.I took some incredible photos. I was finally able to find a way to show myself in the HDR photos ­čśüHope you like the photo. -ZeinaA.G


For the longest time I thought I could fix whatever is broken. I couldn’t stand to see you shattered and for you to keep seeing the world as a dim place.I wanted to lessen your battles and to show you what pure love could accomplish. I was a child myself but I loved you with…

Fuel For This Journey

Belly laughs, a child’s smile, a loving gesture, reconnecting with an old friend, knowing your loved ones are safe, connecting with nature, the sky, the sea, the trees. Loving until your heart bursts, knowing nothing is permanent, loving unconditionally, hearing a story from a child’s perspective, writing from the heart.  Getting kisses from your pets,…

For Granted.

Nothing we ever go through goes to waste,Because the things we often take for granted,Transform into chances for growth, Which eventually become lifelong lessons. ┬ęZeinaA.G

Short Story Excerpt

“I’m walking into the void her absence has left. I keep hitting it and it takes me a while to realize that I’m surrounded with it. The more I wished it wasn’t there, the more it taunted me.” New short story “Forever Hope” by Zeina Abi Ghosn This is a short excerpt from a new…

No Regrets

Her intentions were clear from the start,But some people interpreted them wrong,Twisted them to fit their narrative. With their absence,Worry and bitterness escaped her life. Her peace of mind returned stronger than ever,And her heart opened even more. She never even gave it a second thought,Because she was certain she had tried her best with…