Make Yourself Heard.

You’re judged if you don’t get pulled into their toxic behavior.You’re judged if you’ve got a plan to follow your dreams,And you’re judged when you fail.You’re judged when they read the content you wrote,Without even understanding that what you wrote was a temporary feeling;They won’t care to ask because they’re so scared to show their…

I Looked Inside

I looked inside,Into my depth, My night I thought will never end. I tumbled over the things I couldn’t see. I tried to focus into the darkness,And that was when the stars appeared. ©Zeina A.G


You want to express yourself,To save your sanity,But what if people knew what was exactly on your mind? You want that peace to return to your life,But what if they got angry,And stopped talking to you. You want to try something you’ve never tried before,But what if people saw you failing? If you want to…

The Risk.

You’re risking yourself to be out there,Risking that part of your heart,Which you promised to protect.You’re risking the chance for the world to know you.Risking the chance of being seen struggling,And then failing.However, there is a possibility for the messages you believe in to spread,And for your experience to become lessons. Juggling between leaving everything…

20 Seconds of Courage.

Happy Sunday everyone,Have any of you ever tried this? If not what would your 20 seconds of courage be like??Would love to read all about it in the comments 😀 † †