Power Of Nature.

When loneliness set in,It seeped so deeply into my soul,Making me wonder if things would ever get better. I kept asking myself, “Can I take another step forward?”And then in a moment of silence and solitude…Nature reminded me that even darkness has loopholes. ┬ęZeinaA.G

The Loneliest Journey

The loneliest journey you’ll ever take is searching for yourself after a long series of unfortunate events. You discover your anger at all the space that’s been left. You bump into heartache over and over again. You discover that nothing is permanent, not even pain. Sometimes darkness lingers and it feels suffocating, but it doesn’t…


Whether you’re in a corner hiding in the darkness, or buried in a ditch you feel you could never come out from. Whether your dark thoughts are lurking around your mind and making you anxious or you’re certain this is something you could never survive. Search for love anywhere you can, whether it’s in a…


She had faith that the shadows, which blocked her light, would eventually scatter away because her past was a proof that even the darkest nights never lasted forever.   ┬ęZeinaA.G