That’s Love.

When we’re young the whole world seems safer. It’s more beautiful and majestic because of the older people around us who are there to guide us. They remember the best memories of us from before we could even talk…That’s the unconditional love of family.Sadly, as we enter adulthood these people depart. Many have left my…

Starting Over.

At that time and place I belonged in their worlds. I belonged with their laughter and smiles,I wanted to protect them,So I belonged with every story and heartache. Now that my journey with them is finished,I know I belong somewhere else for a reason. I’m certain that if I got another chance,I would happily love…

I See You

There was a time in her life when she was lost,And terrified of the future. Then someone whispered, “I see you.”And that’s when she fearlessly found her way back. ©ZeinaA.G

The Faces We Never See

The face of weakness behind each degrading word. The face of ignorance behind each act of cruelty. The face of strength behind the tears. The face of insecurity behind determination. The face of failure behind each success. The face of loss behind each smile. The sparkling face of hope behind each shadow. ©ZeinaA.G

The Loneliest Journey

The loneliest journey you’ll ever take is searching for yourself after a long series of unfortunate events. You discover your anger at all the space that’s been left. You bump into heartache over and over again. You discover that nothing is permanent, not even pain. Sometimes darkness lingers and it feels suffocating, but it doesn’t…