Discussion: Writing Schedule

Hi everyone!Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.I’ve been wanting to discuss some stuff with all of you talented writers.Do you have a writing schedule? And if yes what’s it like?Do you get up in the morning and write? Or is there a golden hour that you have?I’d love to hear from all of…

Your Best Writing Tip-Comments

Hi everyone,I really enjoyed the discussion few weeks ago about your best writing tip. Since your answers were incredible I wanted to combine them here in one post. Thank you everyone for commenting. It was super inspiring to read your comments. ┬ęZeinaA.G

Best Writing Tip

Hi everyone,Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.I’ve recently submitted an essay about the best writing tip I’ve ever received and thought I’d ask here: What’s the best writing tip you’ve ever received? Looking forward to read about it in the comment below. ┬ęZeinaA.G


Hi Everyone,I’d like to hear from all of you.“Are we supposed to be strong all the time? And can we prepared for life’s challenges?” I just submitted an essay with a similar subject, it brought up a lot of interesting points. So now I’m curious to see what you all think in the comments below….