A Definite Sign..

You can have friendships that go on for years,You can share your feelings openly with them,But the moment they turn it against you,Or you find that you’re constantly explaining yourself to them,That’s a definite sign that you need to step back. ©ZeinaA.G

Fuel For This Journey

Belly laughs, a child’s smile, a loving gesture, reconnecting with an old friend, knowing your loved ones are safe, connecting with nature, the sky, the sea, the trees. Loving until your heart bursts, knowing nothing is permanent, loving unconditionally, hearing a story from a child’s perspective, writing from the heart.  Getting kisses from your pets,…

New Journey

Let’s go on a new journey together. Let’s build a new world through words. Let’s walk through new paths and discover the consequences of each character’s choices together.Let’s explore new emotions and discover human connections from different points of view.Let’s expose the hidden stories that can make a difference.Let’s share the stories which were built…

For Granted.

Nothing we ever go through goes to waste,Because the things we often take for granted,Transform into chances for growth, Which eventually become lifelong lessons. ©ZeinaA.G

Short Story Excerpt

“I’m walking into the void her absence has left. I keep hitting it and it takes me a while to realize that I’m surrounded with it. The more I wished it wasn’t there, the more it taunted me.” New short story “Forever Hope” by Zeina Abi Ghosn This is a short excerpt from a new…

Believing In Your Dreams.

Working hard to achieve your goals can be hard and it takes a lot of dedication. So share them proudly. Don’t be ashamed to ask for guidance. Don’t be ashamed to fail and start over. Because sometimes believing in your dreams is the only thing that gets you through the day. ●ZeinaA.G

No Regrets

Her intentions were clear from the start,But some people interpreted them wrong,Twisted them to fit their narrative. With their absence,Worry and bitterness escaped her life. Her peace of mind returned stronger than ever,And her heart opened even more. She never even gave it a second thought,Because she was certain she had tried her best with…


Whether we feel blessed or cursed,Our angels are always near,Whispering to us in our most obscure moments,Lifting us up and guiding us through each step.©ZeinaA.G

Paving A New Road.

It’s hard to keep paving a new road towards your dreams. You may make decisions you’re usually not comfortable with. You may have to battle your fears daily and take leaps of faith. You may have to use your, “20 seconds of absolute courage” more often and open up to people. It’s unknown terrain and…

Beauty In Grief.

Today is one of my late uncles 3rd anniversary in heaven. He was a constant presence in my life since we worked together. We all miss him and mention him daily at work. It’s also Saint Rita’s Feast day- The Saint of the impossible♥ Three years ago, when my first uncle passed away. I asked…