#3- Each Time

Each time I gave you excuses my heart ached more than it should have,And now it feels like I’m picking up the pieces of my shattered heart. ©ZeinaA.G

I Miss You♥

I miss your phone calls and the way you prepped for our visits on Sundays. I miss the way you greeted me when I went over to your house,Our Sunday lunches,And that smile which never left your face even when you heard me arguing with the rest of the family. I miss your voice when…

Different Roads

I know we’ve moved on and gone our separate ways,But there will be times when we’ll miss the past,Because our hearts and experiences were connected at some point in our lives. Somehow life and our memories will keep reminding us,That no matter where our different roads may lead us,We’ll always be a part of each…

I’m Done

I’m done looking after your heart,When you’ve broken mine. I’m done pushing you up,When you keep bringing me down. I’m done explaining myself,When you refuse to even listen. I’m done giving you excuses,When you should know better by now. I’m done with the past,And these useless chapters that keep hindering positive outcomes. ©ZeinaA.G