I Looked Inside

I looked inside,Into my depth, My night I thought will never end. I tumbled over the things I couldn’t see. I tried to focus into the darkness,And that was when the stars appeared. ©Zeina A.G

Some People

Sometimes unexpectedly some people walk into your life and make you forget why you’ve built those protective walls around yourself. Such people are hard to find, but they exist. They help you heal from all the hurt you’ve gone through. They guide your steps even if you feel they’re tiny and insignificant.They also remind you…


Happy October everyone!This is one of the photos I took during the weekend. Hope you all like it and hope your month will be magical and full of surprises.©ZeinaA.G

A Small Tribute.

A small tribute for those who left us♥Backstory of the necklace, my late aunt gave it to me when I was 10. There’s a photo of us inside the heart with a tiny note. Song is called “Courage” by Celine Dion.Hope you all like it.©ZeinaA.G


You want to express yourself,To save your sanity,But what if people knew what was exactly on your mind? You want that peace to return to your life,But what if they got angry,And stopped talking to you. You want to try something you’ve never tried before,But what if people saw you failing? If you want to…

Crystal Ball Experiment~Choose A Favorite Photo.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day. I would love to know which photo is your favorite in the comments below. Make sure you check the candid photos below. The black kitten had a few ideas of her own.©ZeinaA.G Plus some cute candid shots of the black kitten who had something else in mind 😀


Maybe you were that warm gust of wind,That embraced me on a cold lonely night, Or maybe you were that stranger who smiled sympathetically,When I felt tears stinging my eyes. Maybe you sent me a sign,In a cloud or a sunset. Maybe you were that bird that perched near me,And then flew right after I…


Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth listening to you ,Because your words seem truthful,But your actions aren’t consistent. Sometimes I wonder why I ever trusted you,Because all you do is hide behind empty promises,And words that you don’t mean. Sometimes I wonder if it’s only my imagination ,Because you seem to be there,But only in…