Best Writing Tip

Hi everyone,Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.I’ve recently submitted an essay about the best writing tip I’ve ever received and thought I’d ask here: What’s the best writing tip you’ve ever received? Looking forward to read about it in the comment below. ©ZeinaA.G

Thank You For Being Strong

Sadness clouded her heart as she stood in church waiting for the service to end.The thought of every conversation ending up as memory made her soul ache. The thought of that moment being the last goodbye made tears stream down her face.After her tears dried she approached the coffin,And all she could quietly whisper was,…

When Grief Knocks On Your Door….

When grief knocks on your door several times….You learn to re-build a new life that will never be the same as the old one.You learn to grieve all the old times.You learn to get by the bad moments by connecting with others,And trying to support the people around you. You learn to let the difficult…

Monday Quote

Happy Monday!I came across this beautiful quote few days ago . It’s a beautiful reminder to appreciate the people around us who want to see us succeed and grow. It’s also a reminder to be the “Gift” and support the people around us.

Kindle-Short Story

Hi Everyone, My first published short story “Searching For A Sign” is now available on Kindle . Also available for free on Kindle unlimited. I hope you like the story. It’s around 12 pages. If things go well I may write and publish more stories.Thank you for all the support.Hope everyone’s doing well and…

A Message.

You came from a deepness, from a passion that was buried in me for a long time. You came from a place I never dared to access before. You came as a vision, an idea that had been haunting me for a long time. When you were written you became a wholesome journey, An adventure…

Based On My Novel

Based on one of my characters in the novel “Blank Page” At the tender age of thirteen,She felt something was missing from her life.Suddenly she craved love and security,From the one parent who was never there.She was curious to know what she and her father had in common,She was curious to find out why he…

#8-To The Heart

To the heart that’s celebrating milestones alone,And wondering if your loved ones can feel how much you miss them,Keep in mind that love never dies ♥Dedicated to my late aunt on her birthday-August 15th♥

It’s Always The Simple Things

Your heart will always feel a lot of emotions that your words fail to explain. You can write them down and still feel that something’s wrong. Because sometimes other people’s actions make you feel trapped to react in a way that’s so unnatural to you. You’re reacting every day to their actions and it makes…

#7-To The Hearts…For Beirut

To the hearts that have been shattered,And their worlds no longer exist. I pray you find justice.I pray you find something to look forward to every day,I pray that you find signs , Little pillars of strength that help you to move forward. ©ZeinaA.GSong starts at 2:36 min.