My Dear Friends.

To my dear friends,Whether you’re near or far.You taught me the importance of patience and listening.You taught me that emotions are temporary, And even the negative ones can change over time. You showed up and never left at times when I felt lonely.You made me believe in giving people and situations second chances.You were my…

About Friendship

Sometimes we shut the door on people who are trying their best to understand us. We lose them because we’re afraid to lose control. We’re afraid to break our own barriers and let them into the life we perfectly planned. We’re scared to admit that we lost control of who comes in through that door….

The Past

People go through a lot and it’s not always one situation at a time. We can hurt immensely by being too hard on ourselves and it starts with the way we judge our downfalls. Sometimes we feel so numb when it’s all happening at once and we want to hide from the world. We feel…

Dare Yourself

Dare yourself to see their light even if it burns your eyes. Dare yourself to sway fearlessly with the wind. Dare yourself to believe that you can bend but you won’t break. ¬†¬©ZeinaA.G


Friends: are the people who lift you up even when you don’t notice. They are the people who understand when your heart is rebelling against the world. They are the people who reassure you that you can get through whatever obstacle stands in your way. Sometimes they fight your inner voices when you feel you’ll…