Thank You For Being Strong

Sadness clouded her heart as she stood in church waiting for the service to end.The thought of every conversation ending up as memory made her soul ache. The thought of that moment being the last goodbye made tears stream down her face.After her tears dried she approached the coffin,And all she could quietly whisper was,…

When Grief Knocks On Your Door….

When grief knocks on your door several times….You learn to re-build a new life that will never be the same as the old one.You learn to grieve all the old times.You learn to get by the bad moments by connecting with others,And trying to support the people around you. You learn to let the difficult…

Kindle-Short Story

Hi Everyone, My first published short story “Searching For A Sign” is now available on Kindle . Also available for free on Kindle unlimited. I hope you like the story. It’s around 12 pages. If things go well I may write and publish more stories.Thank you for all the support.Hope everyone’s doing well and…

#8-To The Heart

To the heart that’s celebrating milestones alone,And wondering if your loved ones can feel how much you miss them,Keep in mind that love never dies ♥Dedicated to my late aunt on her birthday-August 15th♥

The Vow

There’s a place I always go to when I miss you or need to talk. I always take photos because I can feel your energy roaming free.I feel you in every leaf that falls from the trees,In the flowers that sway gently with the summer breeze, And in every cloud that moves. The years have…

Even Though.

Dedicated to my grandfather’s 4th anniversary in heaven♥♥ Even though I knew you were leaving,I never knew you’d take my heart with you. ©ZeinaA.G

A Small Tribute.

A small tribute for those who left us♥Backstory of the necklace, my late aunt gave it to me when I was 10. There’s a photo of us inside the heart with a tiny note. Song is called “Courage” by Celine Dion.Hope you all like it.©ZeinaA.G


Whether we feel blessed or cursed,Our angels are always near,Whispering to us in our most obscure moments,Lifting us up and guiding us through each step.©ZeinaA.G