Choose a Favorite Photo~Still Experimenting~

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day. I’m still experimenting with some HDR photos. To be honest I didn’t expect the details to be so vivid.I would love to know which photo is your favorite in the comments below.©ZeinaA.G

Photo Experiment.

Experimenting with new photography styles. Hope you like them😊

It’s Not A Competition.

It doesn’t matter who was hurt more,Or how lucky someone is because they suffered less. Just because they didn’t go through what you went through,Doesn’t mean they haven’t been bruised.One common thing about heartbreak is that it affected us deeply,Seeped into our souls,And changed us in so many ways . We may be walking parallel…

The Horizon

It’s therapeutic to get away from all the chaos and drama.To just drive somewhere where you could stare at the horizon with hopeful eyes,Without anyone trying to define what you see and feel. You get a lot of signs that change your perspective.It’s a grounding experience that reminds you ,You’re worth more than the words…


“Through tsunamis, earthquakes or a broken spiritWhen you scream with no voice, you know I will hear itYou know I will come running when I feel the Earth moveThrough a flood, toil and blood, through the tides of terrorFeel my love, feel my love, let it breathe foreverYou know I will come running when I…

Photo #2

I love how the trees look connected.

HDR Photo

A photo I took yesterday, I love the outcome.


I took this image below during my afternoon walk and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I don’t think my description will do it any justice, but this is one of the reasons I love winter! I love the way nature craves the light as if saying, “Thank you for this wonderful gift.” I…