When you love from all your heart,And genuinely care about the people around you,You risk your heart being broken. However, by using your heart,You gain new experiences,That set you on a path to seek change,And to fully heal from the hell you’ve been through. ©ZeinaA.G

Journey into the light.

The light glows all the time here and it’s unlike any light I’ve ever seen. It’s a calming light that blocks all the crying and the whining each time I gaze into it. The kind of light that reminds me of all the love and happy times I had with my family. I have floated…

Turning The Page.

When turning the page you can be leaving a lot of people in your past,But remember not to leave your hopes and dreams back there. Bring forward the love and lessons you’ve learnt from your past, Display them proudly knowing that wherever life may lead you,You can always bring them along with you. ©ZeinaA.G


Whether we feel blessed or cursed,Our angels are always near,Whispering to us in our most obscure moments,Lifting us up and guiding us through each step.©ZeinaA.G

Healing Begins

Healing begins when you know it’s a long way ahead, so you decide to take it one step at a time. Sometimes even one breath at a time. Healing begins when you believe some things aren’t meant to be. Healing begins when you’re hopeful even if you’re walking in the dark. Healing begins when there’s…

How a memory becomes a treasure? ~Old Post~

Hey,I was looking through my old word documents and found something I wrote in 2005.(I was 18. My cousins were 5 and 7 years old.) It was published in a local magazine back then. If I find it I’ll share here.It’s dedicated to my late aunt and her wonderful, brave kids. ♥ How a memory…

Some People

Sometimes unexpectedly some people walk into your life and make you forget why you’ve built those protective walls around yourself. Such people are hard to find, but they exist. They help you heal from all the hurt you’ve gone through. They guide your steps even if you feel they’re tiny and insignificant.They also remind you…

I Searched For You

I searched for you in total darkness but you were nowhere to be found. So I gave up and searched for you in other people…I still couldn’t find you. I searched for understanding and I couldn’t find it. I tried everything I could to search for a purpose. I tried everything in my power to…

Wherever I go…

Wherever I go my soul keeps finding ways to stay grounded and connected to all the beauty around me. And no matter how far I stray my beating heart keeps pulling me back into writing. -ZeinaA.G

2-Memories of a Healing Heart.

This piece of writing goes back to 2008. I wrote this during a time in my life where I really wanted to understand the changes that had happened around me.It was the first time I discovered the healing powers of writing.Hope you all like it.