Vulnerability: I’ve learned you can’t run away from it. You need to process it, even if it reveals a hidden side of you. I’ve learned you can’t shut it out, or build a safe wall around your heart to keep it out. You simply allow it to expose all the rawness that lies within you. ©ZeinaA.G


She never noticed that she was suffocating until she distanced herself from the world. She created a little space for herself to get away, and while she was there she enjoyed the ability to talk without getting interrupted. She craved a chance to think objectively without being put down. A chance to discover who should…


She had faith that the shadows, which blocked her light, would eventually scatter away because her past was a proof that even the darkest nights never lasted forever.   ©ZeinaA.G

The Worst Things to Say to a Grieving Person.

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while , because in the past two years, I must have heard the worst comments about grief.  They may not matter on regular days but when you’re vulnerable these are the worst sentences you could ever hear. Stay Strong. Don’t Cry. Nobody cares:  (This is the worst…


You know are healing when you learn to ride the wind of change. You begin to come out of your bubble and realize you have made it through the toughest storms. You live each moment fully sometimes moving as slow as one breath at a time, while other times you feel confident enough to make it…