Photo of the Day

We’re back to lockdown in my town for a week. So you’ll be seeing a lot of photos on the blog. Hope you’re enjoying them. This was yesterday’s sunset.

#7-To The Hearts…For Beirut

To the hearts that have been shattered,And their worlds no longer exist. I pray you find justice.I pray you find something to look forward to every day,I pray that you find signs , Little pillars of strength that help you to move forward. ©ZeinaA.GSong starts at 2:36 min.

Four Years of Writing

Four years ago we had just celebrated my grandfather’s last birthday and my heart was shattered. Losing him was like losing an entire lifetime of love and safety. Even though I didn’t know it back then there were so many stories and emotions in me that needed an outlet. I felt that my grief would…

Your Bad Days

Your bad days will always reveal who is sincerely rooting for you.They teach you to have a deep appreciation for the people who will never leave your side.Your bad days teach you to be grateful and to have faith that things end up exactly like they’re meant to be. ©ZeinaA.G

Sunset Photos

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day♥ Today wasn’t perfect but managed to escape to capture these photos.Please let me know which ones you liked in the comments below. So far I’m in love with #1.These photos were taken in my hometown Byblos.©ZeinaA.G Photo #1 Photo #2 Photo #3 Photo #4 Photo#5 Photo #6

Your Voice.

You’ve been scrutinized and silenced for years,Forced to keep your opinion in the shadows. Watching life go by,And injustice unravel,Not daring to make a move.When it was time for your voice to finally comes out,And for you to be heard,Your voice came out wild and loud.Piercing through everything it touched. Some people bet on silencing…