Layers of Grief

You can never know how many layers of grief there are until you start peeling them off. Sometimes you find that you’re grieving more than you’d like to admit. You’re not only grieving people who have passed away, you’re grieving places you’ll never go to ever again. Places where memories were created and that will…


I don’t know why we call the hard things we go through, “Emotional Baggage.” Or a “Burden”As if it’s something we need to get rid of. What if we just acknowledged that at some point in our lives this was our true selves? And we didn’t know any better. We grow and learn every day,So…

Deep Down.

Deep down I know you’re not allowing yourself to think about it,You’re just letting the days go by. Pretending life is perfect,And that you don’t have a care in the world. Because I know if you didn’t do this, You’d break down thinking about everything we’ve lost.©ZeinaA.G

That’s Life

You were so little when I nurtured you,And chased your demons away. I gave you my love and attention.I taught you everything I know so you could get by. We created a bond that I thought would last forever.A bond that wouldn’t change over time.A bond that I thought you cherished,That wouldn’t be broken from…

Different Roads

I know we’ve moved on and gone our separate ways,But there will be times when we’ll miss the past,Because our hearts and experiences were connected at some point in our lives. Somehow life and our memories will keep reminding us,That no matter where our different roads may lead us,We’ll always be a part of each…

You’re A Survivor

Pain shoots through each cell of your body, stripping you away from everything you ever loved. You are left trembling from your wounds. You question your ability to survive, while you’re dragging yourself to function. The only thing that makes sense is remaining quiet and for a period of time, you do. But, your silence…

The Art of Being Human

I felt like re-sharing. I wrote this for my humanities class in University ten years ago. If I remember well the subject was to describe beauty in a person, object, and an idea. To weep to others pain and to smile to others happiness is a part of what makes us human. If we can’t…

Turning The Page.

When turning the page you can be leaving a lot of people in your past,But remember not to leave your hopes and dreams back there. Bring forward the love and lessons you’ve learnt from your past, Display them proudly knowing that wherever life may lead you,You can always bring them along with you. ©ZeinaA.G

The Past Year

The past year has taught me  to stop overthinking. To just live what I’m going through fully and deeply.Even if the emotions that come with it are negative. The past year has taught me to feel everything from my heart. It has taught me that my emotions don’t define me. Fragility and weakness are temporary….

If She Knew

If she knew the bitterness that hid beneath that friendly surface she would’ve said “Goodbye” a long time ago.©Zeina A.G