World Building.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass. That world you’re building, does it tell stories of sadness and heartbreak?Does it tell a mystery story or science fiction?How many parts of yourself will you include in this world?How many moments from your life will you include? And from how many points of view?Will you tell stories that you’ve…

The Past Year

The past year has taught me¬† to stop overthinking. To just live what I’m going through fully and deeply.Even if the emotions that come with it are negative. The past year has taught me to feel everything from my heart. It has taught me that my emotions don’t define me. Fragility and weakness are temporary….


Whether we feel blessed or cursed,Our angels are always near,Whispering to us in our most obscure moments,Lifting us up and guiding us through each step.©ZeinaA.G


Friends: are the people who lift you up even when you don’t notice. They are the people who understand when your heart is rebelling against the world. They are the people who reassure you that you can get through whatever obstacle stands in your way. Sometimes they fight your inner voices when you feel you’ll…