An Open Heart♥

Something bad happens and it hurts. It changes you into someone new. Your emotions become tangled up and it can get confusing. So you burn all your bridges thinking you’ve already learned all the lessons life has to offer. You instantly build these huge walls around you for protection, before it happens all over again….

The Glow

Sometimes there is a short silent pause between storms. It could be a chance to reflect and notice the divine glow on your path.   ©ZeinaA.G

Nothing​ Matters

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you did all the right things with someone and they wronged you. What matters is that you stood for what you sincerely believed in. And if you’re patient through all the hurt being thrown at you; keeping your heart open would give you a peace…


Friends: are the people who lift you up even when you don’t notice. They are the people who understand when your heart is rebelling against the world. They are the people who reassure you that you can get through whatever obstacle stands in your way. Sometimes they fight your inner voices when you feel you’ll…

Keep Writing

You start your writing journey and notice all the pain pouring out of you. All of a sudden fear stops you. Fear of failure, fear of writing something that is too emotional or familiar. Fear of being judged for your thoughts. You forget that your life and experiences are unique. As you dig deeper you…