Highlights from my day.

Two cute highlights from my day…A little girl came for school pictures.(Barely 3 years old) I noticed she was scared so I distracted her with the lights and it worked. Two photos and we were done. Even got a high five and she wanted to take me to school with her. My self-esteem was flying…


Happy October everyone!This is one of the photos I took during the weekend. Hope you all like it and hope your month will be magical and full of surprises.©ZeinaA.G

A Small Tribute.

A small tribute for those who left us♥Backstory of the necklace, my late aunt gave it to me when I was 10. There’s a photo of us inside the heart with a tiny note. Song is called “Courage” by Celine Dion.Hope you all like it.©ZeinaA.G

Crystal Ball Experiment~Choose A Favorite Photo.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day. I would love to know which photo is your favorite in the comments below. Make sure you check the candid photos below. The black kitten had a few ideas of her own.©ZeinaA.G Plus some cute candid shots of the black kitten who had something else in mind 😀

Choose a Favorite Photo~Still Experimenting~

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day. I’m still experimenting with some HDR photos. To be honest I didn’t expect the details to be so vivid.I would love to know which photo is your favorite in the comments below.©ZeinaA.G

Photo Experiment.

Experimenting with new photography styles. Hope you like them😊

It’s Not A Competition.

It doesn’t matter who was hurt more,Or how lucky someone is because they suffered less. Just because they didn’t go through what you went through,Doesn’t mean they haven’t been bruised.One common thing about heartbreak is that it affected us deeply,Seeped into our souls,And changed us in so many ways . We may be walking parallel…