Photo of the Day

We’re back to lockdown in my town for a week. So you’ll be seeing a lot of photos on the blog. Hope you’re enjoying them. This was yesterday’s sunset.


Just popping in to say “Hi”… The clouds were gorgeous.I took some incredible photos. I was finally able to find a way to show myself in the HDR photos šŸ˜Hope you like the photo. -ZeinaA.G

Photo comparison

If you’ve been wondering the difference between your HDR phone camera settings and the professional camera manual HDR…Here’s a comparison… As you can see there’s so much difference in the colors and detailsā€¦Top photo automatic HDR in the phone camera and bottom manual HDR in the nikon camera. Also on my p.c on the original…


“And if you see me in the darknessI hope you know I’m not aloneI carry you with every breath I take.” Happy Birthday in heaven GrandmašŸ’–

A Small Tribute.

A small tribute for those who left usā™„Backstory of the necklace, my late aunt gave it to me when I was 10. There’s a photo of us inside the heart with a tiny note. Song is called “Courage” by Celine Dion.Hope you all like it.Ā©ZeinaA.G

Sunset Video

How’s everyone doing during the lockdown? I hope you’re all well. This is a video I took from the car a few days ago…Don’t worry I wasn’t driving. Couldn’t take a full video of the sun going down since we have a curfew now by 7:00p.m.I added the song from “Frozen2” The acapella version of…