The Risk.

You’re risking yourself to be out there,Risking that part of your heart,Which you promised to protect.You’re risking the chance for the world to know you.Risking the chance of being seen struggling,And then failing.However, there is a possibility for the messages you believe in to spread,And for your experience to become lessons. Juggling between leaving everything…

New Direction.

Numbness is like floating on water with your face towards a vast sky . You can see everything moving above you while having no control over it .You don’t say anything or try to change it. You can hear the cheering noises all around you in a blur because your ears are under water but…

Birthday in Heaven.

After all these years it’s still hard to write about this but I know my heart and soul is affected by this deep grief right around this time each year for a reason. It’s my late aunt’s birthday month, the first person who provided a safe place for me to dream big and my first…

Walking Alone.

I know it’s scary to walk alone,The world may seem darker when it gets lonely.But walking alone is better than walking with people who try to stab you with their words.Walking alone is better than being around people who disregard your dreams.So walk away with no regrets… ©ZeinaA.G

Through the Eyes of a Child.

Through the eyes of a child you’d notice a humongous world.A world that holds magic in every undiscovered corner.Everyday life would be a constant mystery that keeps surprisingly unfolding into different layers which leave you speechless.You’d run and chase magic until you’re out of breath without any plans of stopping.You’d jump fearlessly into deep waters…

Power Of Nature.

When loneliness set in,It seeped so deeply into my soul,Making me wonder if things would ever get better. I kept asking myself, “Can I take another step forward?”And then in a moment of silence and solitude…Nature reminded me that even darkness has loopholes. ©ZeinaA.G


Staring into what she thought was nothing but a blue color and a strong light. She watched it slowly morph into different colors,Transforming everything into a stunning silhouette on its way down. ©ZeinaA.G

Throwback- Facebook Memory

This showed up in my facebook memories 3 years ago ♥ A day before my grandfather’s funeral. My earliest childhood memories revolved around sending salutations to you on a video tape all the way to Australia. You gave the best piggy back rides, the best supermarket cart rides. You hated when I glued to you…


I see you drowning,But I can’t help until you reach out your arm,So I can pull you up. ©ZeinaA.G

Second Chances

I’ve forced myself to forget how many candles I’ve lit in your favor. Sometimes I wonder if all the prayers and wishes for your well being went to waste. Your struggles were so overwhelming that I wonder if I could pick all the broken pieces you left. Or even glue everything back together, but it’s…