Whatever way they decided to look at the situation, Or whatever narrative they chose to believe. It stopped mattering to her because she realized,Their inabillity to have compassion,Or to be empathetic enough to listen to her point of view,Was never her problem. ©ZeinaA.G


Do you ever feel like you’re choking and you have no idea what it is? You’re trying so hard not to make a mistake or to say anything that would possibly offend your loved ones. You want to see them smile and bond with them, but they make it nearly impossible. There’s always something off…


She used to walk around pale as a ghost. Smiling and agreeing with the people around making it too hard to focus on the things she loved. Her voice barely came out in a crowd. It didn’t matter anyway because she was never a fan of the reflection she saw in the mirror. So she…

I Stopped

I stopped protecting your heart when I discovered you were too bitter to care for mine ©ZeinaA.G

It’s Strange.

It’s a strange feeling when you’ve learned to walk alone most of the time. Also, just when you’ve finally accepted how things have turned out, you realize your instincts have been strong this entire time. It’s even stranger when you face your past and realize the life you once desperately craved isn’t the one you…

The highlight of my work day

Today, a customer walked into my photography studio for a passport photo. Seconds before she sat down on the chair she looked into the mirror and asked me something I get asked million times a day, “Do I look okay?” Before I got the chance to answer she interrupted, “You know what!! I look great….