When I’m Away

When I’m away,I feel that I can finally breathe. No burdens surround me,And nothing can weigh me down. When I’m away,I feel my true self returning.Even if it’s slow,I’m patient enough to know it’s worth it. ©ZeinaA.G


Sometimes when you look at this cruel world you wonder if it’s worth staying kind. You sometimes wonder if empathy and kindness always win, especially if your dreams are lingering.  Someday you’ll reach that place you’ve always dreamt of, and it will be untainted. It will be worth all the struggles because you’ll reach your goals…


She had faith that the shadows, which blocked her light, would eventually scatter away because her past was a proof that even the darkest nights never lasted forever.   ©ZeinaA.G


You can’t possibly imagine encountering so many losses one after the other, yet it happens. It drains you… It passes through you like bullets from one side to the other, tracing few holes that you never quite notice until you are confronted by the shadow of the person you were a few months before… It’s…

The Space

She stared at the space that lingers between reality and accomplishing her dreams. It seemed that whatever she did it and however she pushed this space was getting bigger and wider. She grew tired of the journey as the question,“What if I never make it?” pushed through her mind. Paralyzed by her doubts she attempted…