If your life ever feels dull and uninspiring, remember you can shift your perspective as fast as the sky changes colors during sunset. ©ZeinaA.G

We Survived.

We survived the first year of sadness, anger, and despair. The year where the truth crushed us. We survived all the first holidays, memories and birthdays passed without your presence. The year where everything and everyone around us changed overnight. We survived all our “What if’s” and all the firsts, “We wish you were here”. …

Nothing​ Matters

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you did all the right things with someone and they wronged you. What matters is that you stood for what you sincerely believed in. And if you’re patient through all the hurt being thrown at you; keeping your heart open would give you a peace…

Dare Yourself

Dare yourself to see their light even if it burns your eyes. Dare yourself to sway fearlessly with the wind. Dare yourself to believe that you can bend but you won’t break.  ©ZeinaA.G


There is this hollow sensation I could never fully comprehend. For the first time in my life, I’m not rushing to fill it up. I’m not wishing I was somewhere away from it… I’m simply breathing love and compassion into it’s dark corners, as I walk slowly through it, one tiny step at a time….


Vulnerability: I’ve learned you can’t run away from it. You need to process it, even if it reveals a hidden side of you. I’ve learned you can’t shut it out, or build a safe wall around your heart to keep it out. You simply allow it to expose all the rawness that lies within you. ©ZeinaA.G

You can light the way

There was this steep valley she had to walk through, and it froze her.  She reached out wishing she’d get through to someone but nobody was there. She screamed but her voice echoed back to her, sounding broken, lonesome and sad. She picked up one candle, lit it and placed it on her footpath making…

I’ve sat with my grief.

I’ve sat with my grief, watched it morph into denial, anger and then anxiety. I’ve sat with my grief watched the days and dreams fly past me. I’ve sat with my grief and sensed all of my shattered pieces beneath me. I’ve sat with my grief and I could swear I’ve never felt lonelier. I’ve…

The highlight of my work day

Today, a customer walked into my photography studio for a passport photo. Seconds before she sat down on the chair she looked into the mirror and asked me something I get asked million times a day, “Do I look okay?” Before I got the chance to answer she interrupted, “You know what!! I look great….

 I didn’t forget

Sixteen years ago, my late aunt booked concert tickets for our favorite singer. She let me guess for weeks what the surprise was, and the magic surrounding this event was beautiful. She was excited to be there with me and excited that she had booked the tickets so close to her birthday. Before she passed…