The burden was incredibly heavy and her heart whispered, “I can’t do this anymore…I can’t get through another day…This is useless I can never survive this burden and heartache.” Her mind tried its best to see this new day. So she rationally took it one step at a time, one breath at a time sincerely…

Value of Words

One positive word can build a staircase to an entirely new world of hope and beauty. It can make you soar towards your dreams, while one hurtful word could repeat in your head for years. One deceitful word from someone you trust can cause a lot of harm. It’s discouraging to feel that this tiny word…

Hold My Hand

Hold my fragile hand for a little while and don’t hover over me just because I’m small. Crouch down to my level and don’t be mad if my hug pushes you to the floor it just means I love you. Hold my fragile hand and I’ll show you all the signs you ignore throughout your day….

The Past

People go through a lot and it’s not always one situation at a time. We can hurt immensely by being too hard on ourselves and it starts with the way we judge our downfalls. Sometimes we feel so numb when it’s all happening at once and we want to hide from the world. We feel…

The Drive

Even a simple drive on the seaside road with music blasting on the radio was calming. Her lips curved into a smile as tiny raindrops splattered on the windshield. It was exactly the kind of view she craved for, probably because recently her life had seemed more like a race than a calm journey. Something…


  If your life ever feels dull and uninspiring, remember you can shift your perspective as fast as the sky changes colors during sunset. ©ZeinaA.G

Nothing​ Matters

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you did all the right things with someone and they wronged you. What matters is that you stood for what you sincerely believed in. And if you’re patient through all the hurt being thrown at you; keeping your heart open would give you a peace…


One day she heard her soul whisper, “Keep walking until you catch a glimpse of the light.” ©ZeinaA.G


Imagine for a moment if everything negative just slid off your back and drifted away easily. Imagine how wonderful it would feel if you didn’t take life too seriously and if you laughed often. Imagine if you took it all in as if it were your last day on earth. If you took in the…

Dare Yourself

Dare yourself to see their light even if it burns your eyes. Dare yourself to sway fearlessly with the wind. Dare yourself to believe that you can bend but you won’t break.  ©ZeinaA.G