Different Roads

I know we’ve moved on and gone our separate ways,But there will be times when we’ll miss the past,Because our hearts and experiences were connected at some point in our lives. Somehow life and our memories will keep reminding us,That no matter where our different roads may lead us,We’ll always be a part of each…

Separate Ways

I thought we’ve always been there for each other. Or at least when the world seemed against us that we still had one another, but things happened differently. Since we’ve gone our separate ways, I’ve noticed a pattern that my love and concern for you made me too blind to see. You were always the…

#2-Each Time

Each time I begged to have you back in my life,I felt like merely a shadow floating by,And I never understood why.So it’s my turn to walk away,To feel the shadow parts of me,Become whole and real again.©ZeinaA.G


When you love from all your heart,And genuinely care about the people around you,You risk your heart being broken. However, by using your heart,You gain new experiences,That set you on a path to seek change,And to fully heal from the hell you’ve been through. ©ZeinaA.G

It’s Always The Simple Things

Your heart will always feel a lot of emotions that your words fail to explain. You can write them down and still feel that something’s wrong. Because sometimes other people’s actions make you feel trapped to react in a way that’s so unnatural to you. You’re reacting every day to their actions and it makes…

A Definite Sign..

You can have friendships that go on for years,You can share your feelings openly with them,But the moment they turn it against you,Or you find that you’re constantly explaining yourself to them,That’s a definite sign that you need to step back. ©ZeinaA.G

Her Choice

Vulnerability wasn’t a conscious choice she had made, Even the idea of it made her tremble. However, when everything around her seemed to be falling apart,She finally allowed herself to feel vulnerable. From then on, she sensed a beautiful force which proved to her that everything would be okay. ©ZeinaA.G

The Cry

There’s this silent cry we often can’t hear,The kind of cry that has no tears,But it pierces through horizons. A cry that points in the direction of someone’s actions,And their words. A cry that reveals the way people react to certain problems,And how they build a wall so high so others can’t reach. A cry…


You can tell someone a million times they’ll be okay,But you can’t convince them, Because they’re walking down that road themselves. You can tell them similar stories of what happened to you,But it doesn’t mean they’re instantly healed. It just means that some things take time to process and get used to. If someone appears…


Her heart ached and raced from the thought of another loss nearing. The thick veil, which shaded her heart, began disappearing. She learned how fragile and bold she could be within seconds. She learned a lesson in transparency and being true to herself. Transparency means showing sides of herself she never knew existed. It meant…