Her Choice

Vulnerability wasn’t a conscious choice she had made, Even the idea of it made her tremble. However, when everything around her seemed to be falling apart,She finally allowed herself to feel vulnerable. From then on, she sensed a beautiful force which proved to her that everything would be okay. ┬ęZeinaA.G


Her heart ached and raced from the thought of another loss nearing. The thick veil, which shaded her heart, began disappearing. She learned how fragile and bold she could be within seconds. She learned a lesson in transparency and being true to herself. Transparency means showing sides of herself she never knew existed. It meant…

20 Seconds of Courage.

Happy Sunday everyone,Have any of you ever tried this? If not what would your 20 seconds of courage be like??Would love to read all about it in the comments ­čśÇ ┬ć ┬ć


Vulnerability: I’ve learned you can’t run away from it. You need to process it, even if it reveals a hidden side of you. I’ve learned you can’t┬áshut it out, or build a safe wall around your heart to keep it out. You simply allow┬áit to expose all┬áthe rawness that lies within you. ┬ęZeinaA.G


The sand tickled her feet as she stood facing the sun rays, with her heart on her sleeve. All her vulnerabilities flashed across the sky and she felt as if everyone she knew was oceans apart. She stood there wondering if she had lost everyone to her sadness. Maybe lost a lot of herself in…