The Other Side

I’ve learned that no matter what you do,Or how nice, sweet and kind you are,When hardships come,You’ll always be pulled in different directions. In the midst of this pull,You may discover that one side are masquerading as friends and family,They’re loud and very clear about being there for you,However, when the time comes you find…

#8-To The Heart

To the heart that’s celebrating milestones alone,And wondering if your loved ones can feel how much you miss them,Keep in mind that love never dies ♥Dedicated to my late aunt on her birthday-August 15th♥

#2- Writing Is Mostly…

Writing is mostly words and ideas that have been stuck in your heart for a long time.One idea can extend into a different and magical world that can live on forever.©ZeinaA.G

The Art of Being Human

I felt like re-sharing. I wrote this for my humanities class in University ten years ago. If I remember well the subject was to describe beauty in a person, object, and an idea. To weep to others pain and to smile to others happiness is a part of what makes us human. If we can’t…

#1- Writing is mostly..

Writing is mostly about allowing your feelings to flow,And letting your words shatter whatever walls were built within you. ©ZeinaA.G

The Vision

She had a vision in her mind that needed to come out. It was a combination of situations she’d been through. It was a combination of all the books and movie endings she wished were different. It was a combination of characters whom she thought needed a voice. A vision that showed the importance of…

New Journey

Let’s go on a new journey together. Let’s build a new world through words. Let’s walk through new paths and discover the consequences of each character’s choices together.Let’s explore new emotions and discover human connections from different points of view.Let’s expose the hidden stories that can make a difference.Let’s share the stories which were built…

No Regrets

Her intentions were clear from the start,But some people interpreted them wrong,Twisted them to fit their narrative. With their absence,Worry and bitterness escaped her life. Her peace of mind returned stronger than ever,And her heart opened even more. She never even gave it a second thought,Because she was certain she had tried her best with…

Your Bad Days

Your bad days will always reveal who is sincerely rooting for you.They teach you to have a deep appreciation for the people who will never leave your side.Your bad days teach you to be grateful and to have faith that things end up exactly like they’re meant to be. ©ZeinaA.G

If She Knew

If she knew the bitterness that hid beneath that friendly surface she would’ve said “Goodbye” a long time ago.©Zeina A.G