Kindle-Short Story

Hi Everyone, I was experimenting with Kindle and one thing led to another. So I took a leap of faith and posted a short story on amazon yesterday. It’s available on the Amazon Kindle app. I’m so in love with the cover. I took the photo a few days ago and thought it would…


After my writing got rejected few times I wanted to quit because I felt that I was going around in circles. BUT there is always something inspirational about this journey & small lessons that make it all worth it. I never noticed until yesterday that after each failure a new short story was born. I’ve written 6…

Novel Synopsis.

Hi everyone,After struggling with my novel synopsis since November I finished the first draft. I printed it out today and split them into chapters. (I uploaded a video here so you could all see it. )It still needs editing but seeing it all come together after 3 years of hard work made me extremely emotional….


I wouldn’t have worried so much about losing you,And losing my ground….If I knew our hearts would be synced forever. ©ZeinaA.G

The Glow

Sometimes there is a short silent pause between storms. It could be a chance to reflect and notice the divine glow on your path.   ©ZeinaA.G

The Fog

A fog took over her entire world that she couldn’t see one step ahead. She sat in the deepest corner of the house, lingering in silence. Refusing to listen to all the clichés that have been said. She sank heavily into her defeats and dived through another world searching for that part of her soul that…

Keep Writing

You start your writing journey and notice all the pain pouring out of you. All of a sudden fear stops you. Fear of failure, fear of writing something that is too emotional or familiar. Fear of being judged for your thoughts. You forget that your life and experiences are unique. As you dig deeper you…

Celebrating Two Years of Writing.

Celebrating two years of writing daily. Over 100k words in my novel and alot of milestones that never in my wildest dreams I thought I could reach. I am so blessed to learn so much from this magical journey. Also, so blessed for all the supportive people around me who have been patient and understanding….


June 23, 2016, we had just celebrated my grandfather’s last birthday and I was coming to terms that losing him was inevitable. So I started scribbling down notes on whatever I could find until it combined into what I thought was a short story. I expected my writing to be an outlet for my feelings,…